Thank you Tara Swain for our beautiful family photos!


Meet Hannah she's my heart beat, the little one who makes my world stop with a cry and spin with a laugh! Oh, that handsome cowboy he's my high school sweetheart, my first and last love. #mushy

Well if your looking for someone who can make you laugh, will hug your neck and be a best friend... I’m your girl. I love people. Seriously I do. Well not all people... Some people kinda stink. But people who love photography and art and being original. That’s what I love. 

I’m loud, and quirky, and have tons of flaws but I’m honest and full of life. I make crazy noises at your babies, I will bribe your toddlers with chocolate and I will make fun of you to get your teen to laugh.

I’m the girl that will cry at your wedding because I get emotional about happy occasions. We hardly know one another but your new beginning is awesome and I get to be apart of it. I’m sappy because I always hope I get to photograph your wedding, then your maternity pictures, the baby’s smash cake and before we know it, senior photos and their wedding. I have clients I’m going to grow old with and well that’s something to tear up about. 

I try to keep my prices affordable because everyone deserves really nice pictures, or designs, or videos. But I try to keep my lights on too. I am always willing to work with you though, cause like I said I love people and this photography thing of mine isn’t possible without you.  

I hope you stick around and browse though our photos and blog posts. We also have a Facebook and Instagram for tons of updated footage. 

If you have any questions give me a shout at info@bobbyejean.com or 9033276822